At the restaurants (look a photo >>>)

Days of Culture of the Kyiv in Warsaw (look a photo >>>)

Mariupol (look a photo >>>)

The project of the Strelchenko-Band at the conservatory (look a photo>>>)

Tests in disco

Creative meetings (look a photo >>>)

First steps (look a photo >>>)

Mexico Cabo San Lucas-jam

In the USA

Kiev New Bayan Wave at Master-class Centreat & Mariupol Theatre

Kiev New Bayan Wave at National Spilka of Composers

On the Cruise Ships

Solo at Art House

Solo at the Conservatory and National Spilka of Composers

Strelchenko-Band at Ednist Festival

Strelchenko-Band at Master-Class Centre




Solo on Moscow Festival



Solo on Bayan's Day Festival


















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